Joseph Moore

About Me

I'm currently a Senior Research Fellow in the University of Oxford's Wellcome Centre for Ethics and Humanities and the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics. I specialize in ethical theory, political theory, and the history of philosophy, especially ancient Greek philosophy. My research primarily concerns the good, flourishing life and the social and political conditions that enable people to live such lives. I am also interested in metanormative theory, educational theory and policy, and the moral psychology of character, moral motivation, and reactive attitudes.

I received my BA in Philosophy from the University of California, Berkeley and my PhD in Philosophy from Princeton University. I've lectured at Princeton, Montclair State University, The College of New Jersey, and, through Princeton’s Prison Teaching Initiative, the Federal Correctional Institution, Fort Dix. I have presented research to international and interdisciplinary audiences in Australia, Colombia, Germany, Israel, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States. I've also engaged in public outreach and facilitated philosophy for secondary school students following SAPERE's Philosophy for Children (P4C) method. At Princeton, I organized a Conference on Comparative Ancient Philosophy, the Princeton Workshop in Normative Philosophy, and several graduate workshops.

Outside of work, some recent flourishing-constituting interests include traveling, histories, powerlifting, board games, dark comedies, sci-fi novels, Marvel comics, and lots of time with loved ones. Other interests have included tango, Tai Chi, cooking, whiskey, piano, guitar, jazz and rock concerts, Taekwondo, and video games.

You can email me at joseph (dot) moore (at) philosophy (dot) ox (dot) ac (dot) uk.

Last updated 3 June 2023